[one-users] OpenNebula on a VM

Steven C Timm timm at fnal.gov
Fri Jun 8 07:32:41 PDT 2012

For those of you who are running the oned on a VM, which image repository type are you using?  Are you having any problems with performance loading VM images into or out of the image repository?


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We run the oned and mm_sched daemons in a VM and have sunstone running in its own VM. This way, even if the sunstone get overloaded (it is a public web site), the oned won't suffer.

Our opennebula VM has 4 cores and 32 GB Ram, but in our experience, the
load of the  VM is very low and if we ever need the resurces for 
something else, we'll probably shrink this VM to half its size.

The sunstone VM is just a website, so you have to scale it according to
the use. For now it's a one core, 512MB VM and it runs quite smoothly.



On 06/07/2012 05:50 PM, computedive at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any restrictions on hosting OpenNebula Front-end on a
> virtual machine if enough compute resources were guaranteed for that
> VM?
> Is there a recommended systems requirements for OpenNebula
> installation (CPU/RAM) .. I know it all depends on the environment
> size, num of VMs/hypervisors :) .. but a general guide line would be
> helpful..
> thanks.
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