[one-users] Problem in installation on Ubuntu 10.4

ankit anand ankit.s.anand at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 22:05:48 PDT 2012

Hello All

We are installing Open-nebula 3.4 on Ubuntu 10.4.
We have successfully installed the same on Suse in past.
But while installing from source ,we are getting this error even whn all
the libraries have been installed:

Error searching for xmlrpc-c libraries. Please check this things:

 * You have installed development libraries for xmlrpc-c. One way to check
   this is calling xmlrpc-c-config that is provided with the development
 * Check that the version of xmlrpc-c is at least 1.06. You can do this also
   $ xmlrpc-c-config --version
 * If all this requirements are already met please send log files located in
   .xmlrpc_test to the mailing list.

The version of xml-rpc is also shown higher than 1.6.

Any idea ..How to proceed for the ubuntu?

Thanks and Regards
Ankit Anand
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