[one-users] contribution of LVM2 transfer manager driver for opennebula 3.4.x

Rolandas Naujikas rolandas.naujikas at mif.vu.lt
Tue Jun 26 03:58:18 PDT 2012


Because Debian 6.0 Xen doesn't support tap:aio: and because LVM disks 
are faster, I wrote modified transfer manager driver for opennebula 
3.4.x, that use LVM volumes on local disks in virtualization hosts.

There are 3 kinds:

*) lvm2 - works with shared or not shared filesystem datastore (for 
system datastore there is parameter in lvm.conf to tell shared or not it 

*) lvm2ssh - the same, but removed code to detect that datastore is shared.

*) lvm2shared - the same, but with only assumption, than datastore is 

URL of all them is at http://mif.vu.lt/~rolnas/one/one34/tm/

Regards, Rolandas Naujikas

P.S. This driver was in almost working condition in opennebula 3.2, but 
was lost in opennebula 3.4. lvm driver in opennebula 3.4.1 is not for 
system datastore and is different by design.

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