[one-users] opennebula 3.4 deployment with static IP

Andrei Vakhnin Andrey.A.Vakhnin at nasa.gov
Thu Jun 14 08:24:14 PDT 2012


We're looking to deploy opennebula 3.4 production SLES11 environment using  one server and 2 KVM hosts. All machines configured with 2 separate VLANs (private/public networks). The plan is to provision 50 VMs (5 groups of 10 VMs in each group). All 50 VMs will get access to both networks. Every group would have to use separate subnet when connection to cloud network. Will be running Jboss instances and custom applications that require separate subnets.  Is there a way to accomplish that in sunstone? Anyone was able to use static IPs or separate subnets? For example, group 1 will get 10.4.10.x, group 2 10.40.20.x and etc. Thanks


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