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Antonio Carlos Salzvedel Furtado Junior acsfj08 at inf.ufpr.br
Mon Jun 11 13:18:13 PDT 2012

I know this is an old post and it's not my intention to restart any
discussion about this problem.
I just had a similar issue and I while searching for a solution,
Google made me stumble upon this non replied question. I'll just post
my solution, so if anyone else has the same problem, they may get a

I found it simpler to place my vmcontext script ( it could be any
script ) under "/etc/network/if-pre-up.d". This will make sure that
every time the interface is brought up, the script has already been

Of course you can use rc-update.d. I had problems running it with run
level 2, sometimes the VM wouldn't assign the correct IP on boot.
Probably it could be fixed by adjusting the configuration,  but I was
afraid to mess up other scripts' levels.

Antonio Carlos Furtado

>Yes, Script generate correctly files, but it has not been generate
>before that network interface has been initialized.
>This is my Question, How can I init script before network interfaz had
>been initialized?
>    I've initialize script after network interfaz with "rc-update.d "
><In Debian>, but I don't know how to launch it before the initialitation.
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