[one-users] how to debug - It does not fullfil REQUIREMENTS

Nicolas Diogo nicolasdiogo at gmx.com
Fri Jun 1 09:26:10 PDT 2012

i have setup a singleton OpenNebula for testing (single box with all
components) using a NFS storage.

the hypervision is KVM, and simple (dummy) network.

when creating my first instance of a template - i got the message below.
i find this to be quite cryptic - in that i have no idea what is not
fulfilling the request.
is there some way of incrementing the level of information provided by
the scheduler


Fri Jun  1 17:06:12 2012 [HOST][D]: Discovered Hosts (enabled): 2
Fri Jun  1 17:06:12 2012 [VM][D]: Pending virtual machines : 1
Fri Jun  1 17:06:12 2012 [SCHED][D]: Host 2 filtered out. It does not
Fri Jun  1 17:06:12 2012 [SCHED][I]: Select hosts




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