[one-users] VLAN Leases

Ricardo Duarte rjtd21 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 17 13:14:45 PDT 2012

Hi there,

Sorry for the email storm.
I'm not sure how to request a new feature, so I'm doing it on the mailing list.

It would be amazing if OpenNebula could support "VLAN Leases". 
An administrator would set a pool of VLANs, or set the number of VLANs available. No IP addressing would be set on One.
Then, a regular user could "hold" a VLAN for himself, and attach instances to it. 
The VLANs shouldn't be routable. OpenNebula could even create them automatically, if using Openvswitch. For regular bridges, the administrator would only have to add the VLAN range to the host uplinks, without setting any IP address on the switch (pure L2 bridged VLANs).

The use case would be the following:
- user would hold a VLAN
- user creates a template with a router image that has two interfaces. One connects to a public lease (one fo the IPs curently supported) and the other one connects to the holded VLAN
- user then creates instances on the new VLAN, and adds whatever IP he wants. User just have to ensure it sets up the router properly
- no IP collisions will ever occur, because layer 2 is isolated with VLAN and layer 3 is isolated with NAT/router/nwfilters


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