[one-users] Monitoring in the dashboard of SunStone not working for our OpenNebula3.2

Hyun Woo Kim hyunwoo at fnal.gov
Tue Jul 10 13:46:13 PDT 2012

Dear developers,

We are using OpenNebula 3.2.

Our SunStone dashboard seems to show correct "Total VM count" and "VM Network stats" plots.

But upper two plots,  "Hosts CPU" and "Hosts memory" 
do not show correct "cpu/mem_usage" and "used_cpu/mem"
while "max_cpu/mem" looks ok.

I followed the instructions n
- I first "gem install"ed json and sequel. (sqlite3 is not installed obviously as we are using mysql)
- then I modified /etc/one/acctd.conf to use mysql and left all the rest to the default values..

Am I missing any important steps?


FermiCloud Project
Fermilab Computing Sector

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