[one-users] A new auth module

Miloš Kozák milos.kozak at lejmr.com
Thu Dec 27 02:43:11 PST 2012

I am preparing a new service based on OpenNebula along to other services 
we provide such as webhosting. Currently we have central database of 
users so we are thinking how to get along the opennebula cloud. I found 
?obsolete? documentation of auth modul 
(http://opennebula.org/documentation:archives:rel2.2:auth) which I find 
useful but I am not sure if it is still valid? If it does, does it mean 
I can prepare own auth module and that is it? How ACL and groups are 
treated then? Is there any source which would guide me through this 

Simply I need to reuse my current users, groups in opennebula (guess 
that ACL, quotas need to be implemented in my billing and then 
transported to opennebula?)

Best regards,
Milos Kozak

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