[one-users] Bugreport / Patch for MySQL with InnoDB (instead of MyISAM)

Carlos Martín Sánchez cmartin at opennebula.org
Thu Sep 29 06:43:12 PDT 2011


It's a bit too late to apply and test this patch for the final 3.0 release,
but I've opened a ticket [1] to include it in the next release.
Thank you Max Hennig and Fabian for your feedback.


[1] http://dev.opennebula.org/issues/848
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On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:46 PM, Fabian Wenk <fabian at wenks.ch> wrote:

> Hello
> According to the posting "Re: [one-users] Opennebula 2.2.1 Failed to create
> database tables" [1] from Max Hennig, I prepared the attached patches (for
> 2.2.x and 2.9.90), which solve to problem with the first start of oned when
> the database will be initialized.
>  [1] http://lists.opennebula.org/**pipermail/users-opennebula.**
> org/2011-August/006260.html<http://lists.opennebula.org/pipermail/users-opennebula.org/2011-August/006260.html>
> As far as I had the problem with the first start of oned, it could not
> create the tables, when in my.cnf the setting "default_storage_engine =
> InnoDB" is present. After removing it (and restarting MySQL), it was
> working, as MySQL then is using the default MyISAM storage engine. But there
> are reasons for using the InnoDB storage engine as default in MySQL. So it
> would be helpful to OpenNebula if this is also working.
> The attached patches only change all the "VARCHAR(256)" to "VARCHAR(255)".
> I did test the patch with OpenNebula 2.2.1 (MySQL with InnoDB) and it is
> working fine so far. But I guess this should also work with 2.9.90. It would
> probably help if somebody could test this with 2.9.90 and then do this
> changes in the source repository before the next RC or final build for 3.0.
> I do not know, if it is a good idea or not to have the upgrade script also
> do this modifications on an already running MySQL database. To do this, the
> three 'alter table ... VARCHAR(255);' commands from below would be needed
> (for an existing 2.2.1 database). But reducing the field length could cause
> some problems if it is filled to the limit. I even do not know, if oned or
> the one* commands do check the field length before entering data into the
> database. If yes, then this should also be adjusted there in the source
> code.
> To convert an already running MySQL opennebula database from MyISAM to
> InnoDB, I did the following steps (with OpenNebula 2.2.1). It is probably a
> good idea to stop OpenNebula during this modifications. Then first create a
> backup with:
> mysqldump -u root -p opennebula > opennebula.mysql
> And then convert the tables with the mysql client:
> mysql -u root -p
> mysql> use opennebula
> mysql> alter table host_pool modify host_name VARCHAR(255);
> mysql> alter table network_pool modify name VARCHAR(255);
> mysql> alter table user_pool modify user_name VARCHAR(255);
> mysql> alter table cluster_pool ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table history ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table host_pool ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table host_shares ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table image_pool ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table leases ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table network_pool ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table user_pool ENGINE=InnoDB;
> mysql> alter table vm_pool ENGINE=InnoDB;
> To check the current properties of a table the following MySQL command can
> be used:
> mysql> show create table <table_name>;
> bye
> Fabian
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