[one-users] Opennebula 3.0 RC1 and persistent images in KVM VMs

Alberto Picón Couselo alpicon1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 12:52:42 PDT 2011

Hi, Fabian.

We have tested root read and write access to NFS mount in KVM worker 
node and it works correctly. As you stated, when we create a persistent 
image, Opennebula creates a link to the registered image in 
/var/lib/{VID}/image. We are using FreeNAS 8.0 Final Release for shared 
storage and it implements NFSv3.

When a new instance is deployed using a persistent image, the image 
changes a quarter of a second to libvirt-bin:kvm file permissions, 
instance fails to boot with "permission denied" error and persistent 
image in repository changes its file permissions to root user and root 

When we use a non persistent image, KVM instance boots correctly cloning 
the registered image to /var/lib/{VID}/image/disk.0, and it has 
libvirt-bin:kvm file permissions during RUNNING state.

Please, any clue regarding this issue would be really appreciated.

Best Regards,
Alberto Picón

El 26/09/2011 13:50, Fabian Wenk escribió:
> Hello Alberto
> On 25.09.2011 00:27, Alberto Picón Couselo wrote:
>> We have some a problems using persistent KVM images in Opennebula 3.0 
>> RC1.
>> Our configuration is as follows:
>> Opennebula Front-End Ubuntu LTS 10.04
>> KVM worker node Debian Queeze 6.0.2
>> NAS for NFS Shared storage
>> Sat Sep 24 23:49:08 2011 [VMM][I]: Command execution fail: 'if [ -x
>> "/var/lib/one/remotes/vmm/kvm/deploy" ]; then
>> /var/lib/one/remotes/vmm/kvm/deploy /var/lib/one/212/images/deployment.0
>> tc-kvm-hv02 212 tc-kvm-hv02; else                              exit 
>> 42; fi'
>> Sat Sep 24 23:49:08 2011 [VMM][I]: error: Failed to create domain from
>> /var/lib/one/212/images/deployment.0
>> Sat Sep 24 23:49:08 2011 [VMM][I]: error: internal error process exited
>> while connecting to monitor: qemu: could not open disk image
>> /var/lib/one/212/images/disk.0: Permission denied
>> Please, can you give us any clue regarding this issue?. Persistent mode
>> for KVM VMs is essential for us...
> Is root allowed to read/write in the NFS mounted images folder? Check 
> the options in /etc/exports on the NFS server.
> Eventually you also need to force the client (cluster node) to mount 
> it using NFSv3 (instead of NFSv4).
> With persistent images, the images stays in the images folder and is 
> only linked from the <vm_id>/images/ folder. KVM does run with root 
> privileges.
> bye
> Fabian
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