[one-users] onevm saveas error

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Wed Sep 21 16:52:04 PDT 2011

Hello Bala

On 21.09.11 07:37, bala suru wrote:
> I have used a some simple way to copy the image running Vm image(insted of
> onevm saveas) ,
> 1. I did some modification over the running image(creating some files)
> 2. issued onevm suspend
> 3. copied var/images/<uuid>   file of the running image
> 4. Registered the above copied image as a new image
> 5 . launched the new VM using above image
> But I could not see any modified files on this VM ,,?

This could have two reasons. First, is this a persistent image? 
Second, did the VM have enough time to write back the changes to 
the image? But I guess the second one is difficult to find out, as 
the OS in the VM and probably also the VM layer do some caching in 
memory and the write back to the image is delayed for a longer time.

> Are the steps which I followed are correct ..?

I do not think, that this is really supported from ONE. You are 
taking an image away from a running VM (even in the state 
suspended), which could have an not cleanly saved state of the 
file system in the image. It is much better to use an OS and VM 
which does support ACPI and then use the 'onevm saveas <vm_id> 
<disk_id> <image_name>' and 'onevm shutdown <vm_id>' commands.


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