[one-users] onevm save method error

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Wed Sep 21 16:21:19 PDT 2011

Hello Bala

On 20.09.11 13:44, bala suru wrote:
> I need to save modified VMs as new one ->
>   here can I do normal copy and save the VM which is running and modified ..?

You could first register a persistent image, then create a 
persistent VM, run it and do your installation/updates. Then run 
'onevm shutdown <vm_id>'. Now you could create an other VM using 
the same registered image (makes probably not much sense), or copy 
the image away from your image folder, create a new template and 
register the copied image with a new name. Then create a new 
persistent VM which will use the new image.

> Can I deploy the new VM using the save Image ..?

Probably as described above. But to "clone" a running image, the 
'onevm saveas <vm_id> <disk_id> <image_name>' command and then 
'onevm shutdown <vm_id>' (as in your link described the VM and the 
OS running in the VM needs to support ACPI) are probably easier to 
use and you do not need to manually copy around the image.


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