[one-users] Users Digest, Vol 43, Issue 32

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Wed Sep 21 09:42:55 PDT 2011

Hello Bala

On 19.09.11 18:11, bala suru wrote:
> But I'm facing the onemore problem that when I try to save the VM using the
> following command .
> onevm saveas<vm-id>  <disk-id>  <imagename>
> onevm shutdown<vm-id>

Ok, this steps are correct. Does 'onevm list' still show your VM 
which you just did shutdown?


> Here is the output of oneimage show 32
> ID             : 32
> NAME           : alliswell
> TYPE           : OS
> REGISTER TIME  : 09/13 16:12:13
> PUBLIC         : No
> SOURCE         :
> /srv/cloud/one/var/images/def71f75ceab7d2fa444927b8e1588633c547422
> STATE          : rdy
> RUNNING_VMS    : 1

There is still is a VM running which does use this image. Also you 
need to change some other settings, like maybe PERSISTENT (see 
help of oneimage) to Yes.

> NAME=alliswell

Depending on your settings during the installation of this "disk", 
you probably want to change DEV_PREFIX to sd (for SCSI disk) with 
the 'oneimage' command. This is a known bug of the saveas command 
in 2.2.1.

> Since I'm able to save/ clone the VM , I guess there is no problem with user
> rights access to the nfs shared folder .

But your error says:
cp: cannot stat 
No such file or directory"

When the VM did not shutdown properly (from OpenNeubla's point of 
view), then the image is not copied/moved to the images folder. 
The entry with 'oneimage list' and 'oneimage show <image_id>' is 
there, but the file in you images folder is not yet.


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