[one-users] REG: onevnet list

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Wed Sep 21 09:33:52 PDT 2011

Hello Srivatsan

On 20.09.11 12:06, srivatsan jagannathan wrote:
> Trying to add virtual network, type fixed see bottom.....
> onevnet -v create XXXXX.net
> ----->  return vnet-number (10)
> onevnet show vnet-number (works fine, list information)
> onevnet list   --->  displays nothing (only header information rest
> blank.....)

somehow strange, did you see any errors in the log files?

> #Now we'll use the cluster private network (physical)
> BRIDGE = virbr0

Does the interface virbr0 exist? Is it really a bridge interface? 
You can check with 'brctl show'.


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