[one-users] onevm STOP error

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Fri Sep 16 04:25:40 PDT 2011

Hello Bala

On 16.09.2011 13:14, bala suru wrote:
> Sat Sep 10 16:41:05 2011 [VMM][D]: Message received: SAVE FAILURE 49 error:
> Failed to save domain one-49 to /srv/cloud/one/var//49/images/checkpoint
> Sat Sep 10 16:41:05 2011 [VMM][D]: Message received: error: unable to set
> ownership of '/srv/cloud/one/var//49/images/checkpoint' to user 0:0:
> Operation not permitted .
> I run oneadmin as sudo user , and i'm using nfs for transferring the images
> (tm_nfs) .

The cluster node (or libvirtd) needs to be able to write into this 
folder. It looks like it is running as root, so you need to allow 
root to write to the NFS file system, this needs to be adjusted on 
the NFS server in /etc/exports (see 'man exports' for details).


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