[one-users] onevm saveas error

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Fri Sep 16 04:20:19 PDT 2011


On 16.09.2011 12:57, bharath pb wrote:
> The image path location  has set to default location only . i.e
> /srv/cloud/one/var/images  , but I could not see any image after executing

Ok, I think this should also be fine.

>   the saveas and shutdown commands ,.
> And also there are no errors in the log file .
> why this cant save the VM ..?

Because it could not write the file 
/srv/cloud/one/var//images/e0561a492c9aaac280479f2f0d85dcced9156fbf as 
the log file you have posted shows. Is the oneadmin user able to 
write into this folder?

Also check your configuration, this // is not normal (but usualy 
should not be a problem). Eventually you have set / at the end of 
the paths in your oned.conf, remove it.

> Note: I use nfs for transferring the image .

You need to have the folder /srv/cloud/one/var/images/ also 
available on the cluster node and there the user oneadmin (or 
eventually libvirtd) needs to be able to write into it.


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