[one-users] onevm saveas error

Fabian Wenk fabian at wenks.ch
Thu Sep 15 04:38:13 PDT 2011


On 15.09.2011 07:39, bharath pb wrote:
> I tried to save the running Vm image using
> onevm saveas<vm_id>  <dick_id>  <imagename>
> onevm shutdown<vm_id>

> Fri Sep  9 10:11:46 2011 [TM][E]: Error excuting image transfer script: cp:
> cannot stat
> `/srv/cloud/one/var//images/e0561a492c9aaac280479f2f0d85dcced9156fbf': No
> such file or directory

Does the oneadmin user have write permissions in that path?
Which path have you set in the VM_DIR option in oned.conf?
What does 'oneimage list' and 'oneimage show <id>' say?

> Fri Sep  9 10:11:47 2011 [DiM][I]: New VM state is FAILED
> Fri Sep  9 10:11:47 2011 [TM][W]: Ignored: LOG - 44 tm_delete.sh: Deleting
> /srv/cloud/one/var//44/images

I guess the registered images (which also happens when you run 
'onevm saveas ...') should be somewhere else and not in the var 
folder, which is used by the running VMs.


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