[one-users] OpenNebula 3.0 and libxenlight (new Xen toolstack)

Roger Pau Monné roger.pau at entel.upc.edu
Tue Oct 25 00:33:05 PDT 2011

2011/10/24 Tino Vazquez <tinova at opennebula.org>:
> Hi Roger,
> It is true that /bin/bash is not installed in every *nix, although it can be
> installed and also a symlink can be created. Taking into account that bash
> syntax is not completely the same as "sh" syntax, so I think is not that
> unreasonable to have "bash" as a requirement for OpenNebula.
> Regarding the remotes/im script, they won't use "xenrc" (only applies to
> remotes/vmm/xen scripts), but you can change remotes/im/xen.d/xen.rb, lines
> 21-22.

Yes, I had to modify those to get it running, but it would be easier
if we could have all the variables in a single file. If I have time I
will try to clean the scripts and centralize the variable definition,
so I can publish it and add libxenlight support to OpenNebula.

> XCP also offers the XCP toolstack, just saying because we are collaborating
> with Xen.org [1][2], although the integration is based on XAPI rather than
> libxl.

The XAPI stack is currently only present in XCP, and as installable
deb packages on Debian, but I have no idea when that will get to other
operating systems, if it even does. Also I have no idea why Xen is
pushing two different new APIs (libxl and XAPI), but I guess I'm not
seeing the big picture here.

Thanks, Roger.

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