[one-users] ec2 access problem after upgrading to ONE 3.0

Ulrich Schwickerath Ulrich.Schwickerath at cern.ch
Mon Oct 10 23:28:35 PDT 2011

Hi, Daniel,

thanks a lot for the quick answer and the sample code. I've done some more investigations trying to debug the users code. 
> I have tried with the following configuration using the OpenNebula
> dummy Cloud [1] that is running OpenNebula 3.0 and an SSL proxy too
> and the same perl client version and it works:
>  my $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID            = "username";
>  my $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY  = "sha1_password";
>  my $ec2Config =  {ServiceURL => "https://cloud.opennebula.org/"};
>  use Amazon::EC2::Client;
>  my $service = Amazon::EC2::Client->new($AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
> $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, $ec2Config);
This bit works fine for me and him. The initial creation of the client object works. The problem comes when you try to use it to actually do something with it, 
like listing the images, eg invoking describeImages with something like:
$VAR1 = {
          'Filter' => {
                        'FieldValue' => [],
                        'FieldType' => [
          'Owner' => '392941794136',
          'ImageId' => undef,
          'ExecutableBy' => undef
This throughs immediately the authentication error.

> Let's check the following items:
> 1. Are you using sha1_password as AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY?. You can
> retrieve this value from the onuser list commnad.
> 2. Any relevant information in the econe.log and oned.log?
not really. econe.log only contains what I also see in the apache logs, basically the authentication error return. 

> 3. Did you activate the new AUTH driver in the oned.conf?
Initially yes, but then I switched it off to be sure it's not that. Same problem. 

Kind regards,

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