[one-users] Not much documention on EC2+ Elasticfox + VMware + OpenNebula

Bharat Bagai bagai_bharat at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 27 23:45:43 PDT 2011

Hi All

At present I am using VMWARE with Opennebula & its working fine on a private cloud. Now, i am going to integrate private cloud with Public Cloud and want to create an environment  Elasticfox +EC2+OpenNebula+Vmware. Cloud Users got authentication with Elasticfox through Browser.  

My Elastic fox give authentication error---> "User not authorized"

Credentials for login into Elastic fox, i am using 

AWS Access Key--------> Oneadmin
AWS Secret Access Key ---> <sha1password> of oneadmin

When i using this with command mode into CLI mode, its working fine------> #econe-describe-instances -K oneadmin -S <sha1password> -U http://localhost:4567 -H but its not working with Elasticfox.

Also, when i tried to upload vmdk file to EC2, its will display a long html file that i captured into a text file, i am attaching this text file also. 

command i used ---> #econe-upload /var/lib/one/var/images/minicentos/cent/ttylinux-flat.vmdk

:one_xmlrpc: http://localhost:2633/RPC2

# Host and port where econe server will run
:server: localhost
:port: 4567

# SSL proxy that serves the API (set if is being used)
#:ssl_server: fqdm.of.the.server

# Authentication protocol for the econe server:
#   ec2, default Acess key and Secret key scheme
#   x509, for x509 certificates based authentication
:auth: ec2

# VM types allowed and its template file (inside templates directory)
    :template: m1.small.erb

There is not any more documentation available on VMWARE +EC2+ OpenNebula on website. Will anyone help me out. how i configure my Elasticfox with EC2 & Opennebula with vmware ?

Thanks in advance

(Bharat Bagai)

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