[one-users] Tiny Local Business scenario for openNebula

Diego Jacobi jacobidiego at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 19:03:54 PDT 2011

Hi !

I am the suns owner of a tiny local business and I am looking for a
solution to some circumstances we are having. I would like to ask you
if openNebula can be used for this scenario.

There are many computers being used in this business.
Most of them under windows, and a typical disordered network.
It had happened more than once, that disk fails or a new windows is
installed by some other third-party with a different office suite, and
because of this some data is lost. This data usually means a lot of
money and stress.

It is hard to solve this by using linux everywhere, or to change the
office suite, or to do backups all the time. Because most people
working here are quite old, and they don't like changes. They can only
use tools like Excel and some basic copy&paste through windows

We usually have more than one computer on, too much useless time at
the day because of the distribution of information.

I am thinking on installing openNebula in a 2-core computer with one
160 Gb disk + other 750 Gb disk, and maybe some additionals tinier
backup disks.
I am reading the documentation and I have doubts whether it can be
installed in only one computer, or several hosts are required.

I would be using guests and VNC clients to store the different
software's and files, used by each part of the business.
So my parents and employees will be working with a windows inside a
window. Almost no change for them. And they could open it from any
computer on the LAN including laptops.

This way i can do periodical backups and share it with samba, because
there is a good chance that I would not be around to solve any kind of

Having this in mind, do you think experts that it is the case scenario
meant for openNebula ?


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