[one-users] How to use LVM storage backend with OCCI

Daniel Molina dmolina at opennebula.org
Mon Oct 24 06:02:08 PDT 2011


On 28 September 2011 12:48, Prakhar Srivastava <prakhar.apj at gmail.com>wrote:

> I wish if someone has any idea how to use LVM backend with OCCI. The OCCI
> compute template file only takes the storage URL for the uploaded image.
> What if I have done a pre-staging of OS images on the hosts and want to use
> the LVM transfer manager with SOURCE=/dev/vg-name/lv-name

Using the OCCI interface you cannot define source paths for images. If you
want to use the LVM backend you have to create an Image using the OpenNebula
cli (oneimage create image_template). The image_template has to define the
SOURCE value (/dev/vg-name/lv-name) instead of the PATH. You will be able to
list these images using the GET /storage command and add them to any POST
/compute request. The tm_lvm will use the defined device specified in the

Hope this helps.

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