[one-users] XML-RPC API 2.2 - Session string when ssh authentication

Daniel Molina dmolina at opennebula.org
Thu Oct 6 04:11:17 PDT 2011

Hi Javier,

On 20 September 2011 22:39, Javier Diaz <javier.diazmontes at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am using OpenNebula 2.2 and I have a program that interact with it using
> the XML-RPC API for python. The authentication in OpenNebula has been
> configured to use the ssh keys.
> I can interact with OpenNebula using the oneadmin user with a session string
> like <username>:<SHA1(password)>. However, when I try to do the same for a
> normal user <username>:<SHA1(public_sshkey)> it does not work. I have tried
> different session string but I didn't find the right one. So, what is the
> structure of the session string that I need to use?

The token structure in OpenNebula 2.2 should be as follows:
and the encripted_token will contain the text
"username:expiratiion_time" encripted with the user private key.

This token can be automatically generated using the ''oneauth login''
[1] command. You can check the source code of this method in the
following link [2]

FYI, we have added a new auth module to OpenNebula 3.0. With this new
driver you can authenticate using x509 cerfiticates, ssh or even build
your own auth system. For more information check the 3.0
documentation. [3]

Moreover the OpenNebula default auth system has been extended and you
can create groups, set ACLs for specific users, groups or resources
and set quotas. [4]

Kind regards.

OpenNebula 2.2
[1] SSH login:
[2] oneauth login source:

OpenNebula 3.0
[3] External Auth:
[4] Auth Subsystem:

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