[one-users] Hosts not monitored

Alexandru - Florian Antonescu florinantonescu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 03:09:15 PDT 2011


I have recently installed OpenNebula 3.0 (from source) and noticed that the
added hosts are not being monitored, they just remain in INIT state. In
var/oned.log I see entries like these:
Thu Oct  6 08:01:51 2011 [InM][I]: Monitoring host zrhs69 (2)
Thu Oct  6 08:01:51 2011 [InM][I]: Monitoring host zrhs6a (3)
Thu Oct  6 08:02:06 2011 [ReM][D]: HostPoolInfo method invoked
oneadmin user is able to ssh into the hosts without a password.

After looking in etc/im_kvm folder I saw that it is empty. Is this normal?
How are hosts being monitored in OpenNebula 3.0 ?

Can anyone give me a hint on how to proceed?

Best regards,
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