[one-users] NFS performance tuning

Peter Farič peter.faric at ledinek.com
Fri Jun 3 04:39:00 PDT 2011


I have the following test setup:

1 x ONE server with two Gbit ethernet cards (one for public and one for 
VM VLAN). /srv/cloud is mounted on an RAID10 md array with 4 SATA2 
disks. OS: RHEL6.0

2 x KVM node servers with two Gbit ethernet cards each (one for public 
and one for VM VLAN). OS: RHEL 6.0

As the NFS performance is not satisfactory for any VMs that have a lot 
of IO (MySQL, ...), I was wondering if you have any ideas how to boost 
NFS performance? In my case the VMs IOwait was most of the time in the 
70 - 90% with 2 - 6 MBytes write transfer rates.

At the moment the NFS clients mount the share with "noatime,nodiratime" 
options in fstab. I wouldn't want to enable "async" since its not "safe".

How do you tune your NFS mount so the performance becomes acceptable in 
medium to high IO environments?



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