[one-users] Error: Cannot find kernel "/boot/vmlinuz...

puneeth puneeth.poduri at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 21:45:29 PDT 2011

	the problem is that the opennebula -> xen is not able to find the
kernel that you have specified . can you give the template in detail.

	u you'll have to copy the fedora's xen kernel from your guest system ie
your myVM.one into your host(say /fedora/kernel/)
	ie you'll have to copy both vmlinuz-<something>-xen(your xen enabled
kernel) also the initrd-xen(note this also should be xen aware.)

now your OS template is / close to this:

	OS = [
        KERNEL  = "/fedora/boot/vmlinuz-",
        INITRD  =
        ROOT    = "sda1" 

(Observe the ROOT attribute .)
next when you specify the details in the template do the following
	in the image add an attribute 
		TARGET = "sda"
your image template is :
	DISK    = [
        IMAGE   = "Fedora 12"
	TARGET = "sda"
	(this is done because by default the image is mounted on to hda but
while specifying the kernel root attribute you said "sda1" so add the
and now try running it.

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