[one-users] [A BIT URGENT] Re: Remotes dir on a System wide installation

Héctor Sanjuán hsanjuan at opennebula.org
Sat Jul 9 17:21:12 PDT 2011

Hi, answers inline,
> CC> According to 
> CC> http://opennebula.org/_media/documentation:rel2.0:one-directories-rootmode.png
> CC> the 'remotes' directory full path should be 
> CC> /usr/lib/one/remote. What could I have done wrong to get oned try 
> CC> to find it in /var/lib/one ???
In another message you refer to 2.2 docs, but here to 2.0 docs. Im not
sure how it was in 2.0, but if you're using 2.2 the remote dir is
defined in oned.conf (SCRIPTS_REMOTE_DIR). If it is the case maybe you
can see if the value corresponds to what you expect, and to change it

> Furthermore I get this in oned.log
> [InM][E]: Command execution fail: 'if [ -x "/im/run_probes" ]; then /im/run_probes kvm marge; else                              exit 42; fi'
> 1) who is [InM] ?
> 2) it seems a path problem. How could I fix it ?
InM is the information manager, which runs the im scripts on the remote
node. Problem could be related to the previous one, the remotes not
being where expected in the node.

Hope it helps,

Héctor Sanjuán
OpenNebula Sunstone Developer

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