[one-users] VMs in PENDING [was: Fixing up USED / FREECPU ?]

Steffen Neumann sneumann at ipb-halle.de
Wed Jul 6 22:46:08 PDT 2011


On Wed, 2011-07-06 at 16:25 +0200, Steffen Neumann wrote:
> That host surely was running with USEDCPU 1280 at some time, 
> but I had to restart oned because of an I/O error on one.db,
> so I guess the book keeping is inconsistent because currently
> there are only two VMs running. 
> So I am back to my original question: how do I tell ONE 
> the *correct* USEDCPU / FREECPU ? Delete / Add the whole host again ?
> Or is there anything less invasive I can do ?

Since I *need* that host to accept VMs now, I migrated all VMs 
I could see away from it, and wanted to delete the whole host,
but I got 

	oneadmin at cumulus:~/var$ onehost delete 12
	Host still has associated VMs, aborting delete.

So this again revolves around: how do I purge this
non-existing cold dead VM out of ONE's memory ?
Since the one* tools can't figure out what's running there,
I will have to manually modify one.db ? Which tables in there ?
Or did I miss the point ?


oneadmin at cumulus:~/var$ onehost show 12 -x
    <MODELNAME><![CDATA[AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6136]]></MODELNAME>

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