[one-users] No nodes resources

Oriana Ottaviano oriana6 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 03:29:07 PDT 2011

Hello everybody,
after the openNebula installation, I added the nodes to the front-end
without errors. In order to do this I executed the command: onehost create
cloud-02 im_xen vmm_xen tm_nfs, unfortunately after that I received the
below output using onehost list:

  ID NAME              CLUSTER  RVM   TCPU   FCPU   ACPU    TMEM    FMEM
   4 cloud-01          default    0      0      0    100      0K      0K
   5 cloud-02          default    0      0      0    100      0K      0K

As you can see, there are no information about the nodes resources.
The ssh passwordless communication works fine, I check it using the command:
ssh oneadmin at cloud-01. The cluster setting is described below:

   - Front End: Ubuntu 10.04
   - 2 Nodes: Debian 5
   - Hypervisor: Xen 3.2

Maybe is the problem related to the grants of the oneadmin user during the
execution of the xen commands? Something else?

Thanks and regards,
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