[one-users] onecluster creation problem

chethan kp chethankp7 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 01:32:23 PDT 2011

Since I was problem with manual install , I went system wide install
(apt-get install opennebula ),.
Its installed properly and I cloud see the proper file structure .

I cloud create the host using

 #"onehost create host01 im_kvm vmm_kvm tm_nfs "
 # onehost list

HID NAME                      RVM   TCPU   FCPU   ACPU    TMEM    FMEM STAT
   5 host2                       0             0    100                   on

--  here nothing is allocated for the RVM TCPU FCPU ...

after this I tried to do the SSH

#sudo -u oneadmin ssh host2

ssh: Could not resolve hostname host2: Name or service not known ( Why
this problem is coming )

and also I could not run the command *onecluster* it gives the following error

/usr/bin/onecluster:133:in `initialize': wrong number of arguments (1
for 0) (ArgumentError)
	from /usr/bin/onecluster:133:in `new'
	from /usr/bin/onecluster:133

pls help to fix this problem,.. i'm really struggling to solve this ..
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