[one-users] VM IP address

Taylor Tay tknight83 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 22:41:11 PST 2011

Hi all,

My VM template is as follows:

NAME      = "Ubuntu"
CPU         = 1
MEMORY = 768

OS    = [
   source = "home/oneadmin/ubuntuServer10.04.img",
   target   = "hda"
   readonly = "no"

NIC = [ NETWORK = "Small network" ]

FEATURES=[ acpi="no" ]

      type  = "vnc",
      listen = "localhost",
      port   = "5906" ]

NEXT is my VNET template:

NAME = "Small network"

BRIDGE = br0

LEASES = [ IP=""]
LEASES = [ IP=""]
LEASES = [ IP=""]

i did a onevnet show when the vm is running to check which IP is allocated
to it but i'm not able to ping to the allocated IP. The ping can only be
done when i vnc in using the host to reboot the vm to get the correct IP
generated. The oned.log did  not indicate any errors. Would like to know
whether is my configuration wrong? Thanks to all for helping me out.

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