[one-users] KVM hypervisor and Virt-Manager

Filippo Dalla Gassa pippo.dallagassa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 03:51:41 PST 2011


I've seen that if in the deployment file I set <domain type="kvm"> 
(exactly what one sets) and then I manually create the vm via "virsh 
create" I have problems assigning IP address and opening the vm via 
virt-manager. But if I set <domain type="qemu"> and manually create the 
vm all goes well: I can assign automatically IP address using the 
vmcontext.sh script and I can open the vm with virt-manager...in other 
words the vm works perfectly.

Any idea? Cause if I create a vm with one and not manually via virsh I 
can't change the domain type, is it true?


Filippo Dalla Gassa

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