[one-users] problem with one driver libvirt

Guillaume GENS guillaume.gens at cnam.fr
Tue Jan 25 08:04:25 PST 2011


I've troubles with one driver of libvirt ... let's me explain my workflow :
- I changed src/opennebula/one_client.c with the good port for xmlrpc
interface (i used an other than 2633)
 - I compiled libvirt 0.8.7 in front-end (ubuntu 10.04) with "--with-one"
option ( I've created  a .pc file for the compilation with the fake
dependancy 1.14.0 of libxmlrpc).
- libvirtd daemon run in good version ( i checked the dynamic dependancy
with ldd /usr/sbin/libvirtd and called its libxmlrpc.so )
- I configured libvirtd.conf : none authentification - unix socket acces
controls  all permissions 0777 (ro & rw) ... i think it's ok
- and of course ... I ran opennebula, build from source (self-contained mode

virsh command don't found hypervisor
' error :no connection driver available for one:/// '

so my questions:
- have i forgotten something ?
- how and what's libvirt version work well with Opennebula current version ?
I've tried several version without success ( compilation problem with
libvirt  and undefined function 'areadlink')
- ... and the cherry on cake, since I used libvirt with one driver I can't
probe the front-end in my opennebula host list (I used it on node mode) .
It's impossible to use front-end libvirt as API of opennebula AND as simple
KVM hypervisor ?

PS: you should complete the documentation about libvirt API, especially
installation & configuration like use xmlrpc c++ legacy flag instead of c++2
flags for libvirt compilation

best regards

Guillaume GENS

CNAM-Laboratoire Cédric
292 Rue St Martin,
FR-75141 Paris Cedex 03

tel : 06 - 20 - 76 - 86 - 81
tel CNAM : (01 - 58 - 80 - ) 85 - 46
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