[one-users] SunStone - First Look

Héctor Sanjuán hsanjuan at opennebula.org
Mon Feb 28 10:31:26 PST 2011

El 28/02/11 13:23, Toens Bueker escribió:
> Hi *,
> just to spark the discussion about SunStone I'd like to deliver my
> first impressions 
> - fast and snappy experience
> - clear navigation
> - nice popups for error messages and infos
> - comprehensive dialogues for the creation of VMs, networks, etc. I
>   really like that you can paste the one-template in the "advanced"
>   section.
> What I'd like to see:
> - A sensible use of the dashboard. The information, which is displayed
>   there right now, could be presented in a more compact form, instead of
>   the five boxes. Which would leave some space for more interesting data
>   like some Ganglia graphs, critical logs, monitoring events, etc.
> - The same goes for the "detailed information pane" in the lower half
>   of the display, which could contain "richer" information. E. g.
>   it would be nice to have more detailed graphs concerning the
>   respective host, the leases in a virtual network linked to their
>   respective VMs (a click would bring me to the respective VM-page),
>   etc.
> So far for now.
> Kind regards,
> Töns

First of all, thank you for your possitive comments. We are keen to get
feedback from the community about the brand new SunStone component.

It is a very good idea to improve the dashboard and the detailed info
panels in the ways you describe. In order to keep track of your
proposals I have opened two feature request tickets:


Thanks again for your feedback,
Héctor Sanjuan

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