[one-users] Detecting changes in VMs states

Héctor Sanjuán hsanjuan at opennebula.org
Mon Feb 14 07:23:10 PST 2011

El 14/02/11 16:09, Aline Bousquet escribió:
> Hi,
> When I open a console on a running VM and type the command "halt" to shut
> it down  (before the predefined end of the lease). OpenNebula doesn't show
> it as "stopped" with "onevm list". Instead, it stays "running" for a while,
> then goes to "unknown" state after a couple minutes.
> Is this normal? Shouldn't OpenNebula detect any changes in the VMs' state?
> Thank you,
> Aline

Hi Aline,

you can check this thread from last Friday:


In short, you should rather use the onevm shutdown command to halt
virtual machines as OpenNebula assumes it has full control over a VM's

Héctor Sanjuan

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