[one-users] contextulization question

Zeeshan Ali Shah zashah at pdc.kth.se
Tue Feb 22 02:36:01 PST 2011

Hi small question ,

if in context i only want to transfer id_rsa.pub file will it be enought

   files     = "/mnt/id_rsa.pub /mnt/init.sh"

and in init.sh if i only write ..

cat  /mnt/id_rsa.pub>>  /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

is it enough ?

1) /mnt folder shd be on nodes or only on Front end ?
2) what is the use of the trick We use an indirection (rc.local calls 
init.sh)as stated in page (below) 

thanks in advance.


Zeeshan Ali Shah
System Administrator
PDC-Center for High Performance Computing
KTH-Royal Institute of Technology , Sweden
+46 8 790 9115

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