[one-users] libvirt persisent vs transient domains

Shi Jin jinzishuai at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 14:33:25 PST 2011

Hi there,

Right now, all KVM (I think Xen too but I don't know it for sure) VMs are
started as a transient libvirt domain using the "virsh create <xml>"
There is nothing wrong with it but recently I had a facility wide power
failure and all VMs running on the node are gone upon the server shutdown. I
had to manually start all the domains that were running at the point of
failure after power is resumed. Then I thought that if I put the VMs as
libvirt autostart domains, they will be automatically started upon boot,
which would save me a  lot of manual process. But to do that, I have to make
the VMs persistent libvirt domains using the "virsh define" and "virsh
start" commands in sequence instead of the single "virsh create".

Is this a good idea? Comments welcome.

Shi Jin, Ph.D.
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