[one-users] VMs life cycles issues

Italo Madalozo italo.madalozo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 09:44:08 PST 2011

I am having some trouble dealing with VM life cycle.

1) When trying to suspend, the VM gets stuck on suspend state and onevm
resume outputs wrong VM state to resume. Virsh list shows the machine is
suspendend. Manual resume through virsh also fails. Sometimes even
destroying the VM fails.

2) In the testing environment I had to shutdown one VM per time. Whenever I
tried shuttindown multiple instances they would revert from shut to runn. I
read someone had a similar issue and there was a way of increasing the wait
time for one to take action before declaring a VM status. Even with this
issue I tried deployed a small cloud and now I can't even shutdown one
single machine at a time.

Maybe some of this issues are more related to KVM than ONE, in any case if
anyone has experienced and figured out a way around these problems , I would
appreciate your help.

Kind Regards
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