[one-users] 'onevm saveas' via XMLRPC or OCCI???

Marco Strutz marco.strutz at desy.de
Tue Feb 8 08:03:56 PST 2011


What is the best way to map the "onevm saveas" command [1] to OCCI or
XMLRPC-Request? I need to save vm images but want to avoid using the
command line interface.

I cannot simply use the xmlrpc-call  "one.vm.savedisk" [2] since I then
would need to know the "image id where the disk will be saved". But this
ID will be dynamically created by the "onevm saveas" command, right?
Furthermore where should I place the <image_name> in the XMLRPC-call?
The same problem with OCCI: Are there any attributes (perhaps for the
<CONTEXTUALISATION> section) I can use for the "onevm saveas"?


onevm saveas <vm_id> <disk_id> <image_name>

Type     Data Type     Description
IN     String     the session string associated to the connected user. * *
IN     Int     the virtual machine Id (vid) of the instance.
IN     Int     disk id of the disk we want to save.
IN     Int     image id where the disk will be saved.
OUT     Boolean     true or false whenever is successful or not
OUT     String     if an error occurs this is error message, otherwise
it does not exist.

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