[one-users] Connection refused error while adding the host through onehost create

Siva Prasad myknowinmail at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 06:58:05 PST 2011

I get Connection refused error when adding  host using onehost command.

*The following are the detailed steps I have done.This is little in detail .

I have installed opennebula2.0.1

The Hypervisor I am trying to connect is ESXI4.1.0.

I am able to connect to the ESXI successyfully with the oneadmin

I have generated the keys using openssl and signed them using certtool.

I have generated following keys using openssl.I have generated all the below
keys using the same pass (test123)

   1)   cakey.pem
    2)  myremotehostkey.pem ( the machine where ESXI4.10 is installed ), I
could connect to this from my desktop using the oneadmin.
    3)  clientkey.pem(The machine where openNebula is installed)

I have self signed the cakey.pem using the certtool
          (certtool --generate-self-signed --load-privkey cakey.pem
--template ca.info --outfile cacert.pem*)*
Now I have generated the cert for myremotehost using the command
         "certtool --generate-certificate --load-privkey
myremotehostkey.pem   --load-ca-certificate cacert.pem --load-ca-privkey
cakey.pem   --template server.info --outfile myremotehostcert.pem"  ( In the
server.info file I have given CN as myremotehost)
I have generated the clientcert using the following command
        * * "certtool --generate-certificate --load-privkey clientkey.pem
--load-ca-certificate cacert.pem --load-ca-privkey cakey.pem  --template
client.info --outfile clientcert.pem"

Now I have placed the certificates and keys  in the following locations

cacert.pem  in   /etc/pki/CA ( in the machine where opennebula is
myremotehostkey.pem in  /etc/pki/libvirt/private
myremotehostcert.pem in /etc/pki/libvirt

 restarted the oned and now added the host using onehost create myremotehost
im_vmware vmm_vmware tm_vmware

I get the following error in the oned.log

==================== ERROR =====================================

Thu Feb  3 20:01:48 2011 [InM][E]: Error monitoring host 7 : MONITOR FAILURE
7 Could not monitor host *myremotehost.*
Thu Feb  3 20:11:03 2011 [VMM][I]: --Mark--
Thu Feb  3 20:11:03 2011 [InM][I]: --Mark--
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: Monitoring host *myremotehost* (7)
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: Command execution fail:
/root/one2/lib/remotes/im/run_probes vmware *myremotehost
*Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: STDERR follows.
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: [VMWARE] cmd failed
[/root/one2/bin/tty_expect -u oneadmin -p test123 virsh -c esx://*
myremotehost*?no_verify=1 --readonly nodeinfo]. Stderr:  Connection refused
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: error: failed to connect to the
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: error: no valid connection
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: oneadmin
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: test123
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]:
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: . Stdout: ExitCode: 1
Thu Feb  3 20:11:48 2011 [InM][I]: ./vmware.rb:47: private method `split'
called for 1:Fixnum (NoMethodError)


I get the same above error if I try to connect to virsh prompt from command
line.(root/one2/lib/remotes/im/run_probes vmware *myremotehost

Now my queries are the the locations of myremotehostcert.pem and
myremotehostkey.pem are correct?
Where should I place clientcert and clientkey pem files.?
Is the way I am generating the certificates right? ( I hope they are right
because it did not give any error while signing)

Please let me know if I have to do anythign else  OR  If I am doing anything

Appreciate your help in solving the problem.

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