[one-users] Cold Migration not completely working. Maybe because of ACPI?

Adnan Pasic pqado at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 3 01:42:42 PDT 2011

Additional infos:

I just found out that this freezing behaviour appears with every command that has to save the state of the VM first (like e.g. suspend-resume). The ACPI in the VM is configured properly, though, because a shutdown message sent from opennebula to the VM activates the shutdown-procedure in the VM, as can be seen in the console of the VM (shutdown messages appearing).

Interestingly, when I perform the suspend-resume directly via "virsh" ( virsh suspend one-12 ) and then resume it afterwards, it also works just as we expect it to - the VM stops reacting, and after the resume it's pingable again.
Also I logged into the VM with vncviewer after the resume, and was able to perform my usual actions.

Has my problem maybe something to do with the saving behaviour in opennebula??
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