[one-users] changing the ram of a running vm

Teddy Limousin mongaru007 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 10:27:09 PDT 2011

Hey guys,
We are working with ON and xen and we use the mem-set feature to modify the
memory of a running vm, after a given time (indicated on the oned.conf file)
opennebula monitor
gets the current value of that vm's memory. The thing is that when we reboot
the virtual machine or stopped, ON set the memory value to the default on
the template and not
with the last value. Where should we modify the value so the configuration
stays for that vm, should we modified the database table vm_pool on the
template column? or in the
deployment file (this is not a good idea but just to mention.)

We would apreciate any help, regards.

Teddy Limousin
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