[one-users] potential bug in oneauth

Robert Parrott parrott at seas.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 25 05:34:46 PDT 2011

Hi Folks,

when I run the oneauth command from the latest 3.0 beta pull, I get
the following backtrace:

-bash-3.2$ oneauth help
/virt/home/one3/opennebula-2.9.xx/bin/oneauth:53: undefined method
`name_to_id_desc' for OpenNebulaHelper:Module (NoMethodError)
        from /virt/home/one3/opennebula-2.9.xx/lib/ruby/cli/command_parser.rb:77:in
        from /virt/home/one3/opennebula-2.9.xx/lib/ruby/cli/command_parser.rb:77:in
        from /virt/home/one3/opennebula-2.9.xx/bin/oneauth:45:in `new'
        from /virt/home/one3/opennebula-2.9.xx/bin/oneauth:45

It appears that on line 55 of oneauth, the method "name_to_id_desc"
should be "rname_to_id_desc".

Is this correct? Actually, is oneauth used anymore for ONE 3?


Robert E. Parrott, Ph.D. (Phys. '06)
Director, Academic Computing
Harvard University Sch. of Eng. and App. Sci.
Maxwell-Dworkin  211,
33 Oxford St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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