[one-users] [Beta 3.0] Scheduler issue

Florin Antonescu florinantonescu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 23:42:42 PDT 2011


I noticed that the scheduler of OpenNebula 3.0 is not able to connect to the
XML-RPC server, however the XML-RPC API seems to be working just fine when
invoked from an external application.
The sched.log is full of entries similar to these ones:

Thu Jul 28 09:51:03 2011 [HOST][E]: Exception raised: Unable to transport
XML to server and get XML response back.  HTTP response code is 404, not 200
Thu Jul 28 09:51:03 2011 [POOL][E]: Could not retrieve pool info from ONE

but one_xmlrpc.log does not log any corresponding activity (the 404s do not
appear in the log).
Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to proceed?

Best regards,
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