[one-users] How to add Windows XP VM's to a domain?

Omer Khalid Omer.Khalid at cern.ch
Wed Aug 3 08:49:50 PDT 2011


We have deployed OpenNebula for our cluster running ESXi 4.1 servers. We
have a DHCP and general network in our organization, and our ONE server is
already configured for as our test Linux VM's get the IP address from our
general network.

We also need to deploy windows XP images, and they eventually get the
address but requires a small manual intervention by the administrator to add
them to the domain of our organization. I looked in to Sysprep tool that
prepares Win XP images for large scale deployments, but I was wondering if
there is another way for OpenNebula to achieve this? And secondly, has some
one got the automation in place for Sysprep tool so that the admin doesn't
need to manually add the VM to the domain to its networking working.

Here is an example scenario. We have a MAC1 with IP1 for our GNet network in
one nebula. ONE server setups a windows VM from an already prepared images,
and set's it MAC to MAC1. Then as an admin, we have to log into the VM via
the remote console (through ESXi) to this VM and change the domain manually.
Then we reboot the machine, and it becomes accessbile on our general

I hope this information explains what we are trying to achieve. Thanks for
your help in advance.

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