[one-users] unknown iso9660 file system

Harder, Stefan stefan.harder at fokus.fraunhofer.de
Wed Sep 22 01:47:47 PDT 2010

Hi Luca,


I also had some issues with the contextualization of my VMs. I used Ubuntu
10.04server but it should work in the same way with the desktop version. My
problem was that Ubuntu doesn't hang in the iso OpenNebula creates where you
describe it in the *.one file for the VM.


The context part of my *.one looks like this:



    hostname    = "$NAME",

    files       = "/path/to/init.sh",

    target      = "sdc",



But you have to mount /dev/sr0 instead of sdc. Seems to be an Ubuntu
specific behavior of hanging in cdrom drives.


So the contextualization part in my /etc/rc.local in my Ubuntu VM looks like


# Contextualization with OpenNebula

mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /mnt


#if [ -f /mnt/context.sh ]; then

#  . /mnt/init.sh



#umount /mnt

# End of Contextualization


I disabled the umount line so that the iso still stays mounted after


I hope this helps a bit.






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I'm using OpenNebula 1.4 with Ubuntu-10.4-desktop as VMs and i cant
contextualize the vm. I conntect to the vm and i tried to mount it but i get
"mount error: unknown iso9660 file system". I know that maybe it isnt an
OpenNebula issue but i hope someone else has the same problem! Could you
maybe advice me on another easy destop linux distribution for my VMs?



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