[one-users] ver 2.0 - what happened to kvm drivers?

John Tran jtran at attinteractive.com
Tue Sep 21 12:35:27 PDT 2010

I should note that this problem only occurs on dev branch 'one-2.0'.   The released tarball for 2.0 beta1 doesn't have this problem.
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Subject: [one-users] ver 2.0 - what happened to kvm drivers?

Following the kvm install instructions for ver 2.0 , it refers to kvm drivers that are no longer being installed in the KVM src installation:


"The driver consists of the following files:

$ONE_LOCATION/lib/mads/one_vmm_kvm : Shell script wrapper to the driver itself. Sets the environment and other bootstrap tasks.
$ONE_LOCATION/lib/mads/one_vmm_kvm.rb : The actual KVM driver."

Dir listing:

$ ls /usr/lib/one/mads/*kvm*
ls: cannot access /usr/lib/one/mads/*kvm*: No such file or directory

$ ls /usr/lib/one/mads/*
/usr/lib/one/mads/madcommon.sh     /usr/lib/one/mads/one_hm.rb        /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_ec2.rb  /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_ssh.rb  /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_dummy.rb  /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_eh.rb
/usr/lib/one/mads/one_auth_mad     /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_dummy     /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_eh      /usr/lib/one/mads/one_tm         /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_ec2       /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_sh
/usr/lib/one/mads/one_auth_mad.rb  /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_dummy.rb  /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_eh.rb   /usr/lib/one/mads/one_tm.rb      /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_ec2.rb    /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_sh.rb
/usr/lib/one/mads/one_hm           /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_ec2       /usr/lib/one/mads/one_im_ssh     /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_dummy  /usr/lib/one/mads/one_vmm_eh        /usr/lib/one/mads/tm_common.sh
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