[one-users] What kinds of shared storage are you using?

Andreas Ntaflos daff at pseudoterminal.org
Thu Sep 2 16:07:02 PDT 2010

On Friday 03 September 2010 00:28:23 Székelyi Szabolcs wrote:
> We're using iSCSI targets directly (one target per vm), automatically
> created and initialized (cloned) from images on vm deploy. Althogh
> the target is based on IET behind gigabit links, it works quite
> well: we haven't done performance benchmarks (yet), but the
> installation time of virtual machines is kinda same than on real
> hardware.

That sounds interesting and very similar to what we hope to achieve 
using OpenNebula and a central storage server (as I've posted a few 
hours ago, not realising this thread here is very similar in nature).
> We developed a custom TM driver for this, because this approach makes
> live migration trickier, since just before live migration the target
> host needs to log in to the iSCSI target hosting the disks of the
> vm, and this is something ONE can't do, so we used libvirt hooks to
> do this -- works like a charm. Libvirt hooks are also good for
> reattaching virtual machines to their virtual networks on live
> migration -- again something ONE doesn't do.

Would you care to go into a little detail regarding your custom TM 
driver? Maybe even post the sources? I'd be very interested in learning 
more about your approach to this.


Andreas Ntaflos 

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