[one-users] Anyone interested in hosting an OpenNebula Tech Days in California?

Borja Sotomayor borja at cs.uchicago.edu
Tue Sep 7 06:58:19 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,

As mentioned previously on this list (http://ur1.ca/1jl4b), we are 
looking into organizing OpenNebula Tech Days in the US, similar to the 
ones we held in Madrid in July (http://blog.opennebula.org/?p=687). We 
are looking into organizing such an event in the Midwest, since we have 
collaborators there that could provide space and other infrastructure 
(which, at this point, will probably happen in November at the earliest, 
not October as we originally anticipated).

We would also be interested in holding such an event in the West Coast 
(preferably the Bay Area or LA). If your organization would be 
interested in helping with this event, please contact me off-list. The 
two main things we would need would be space (a classroom or conference 
room capable of holding 20 or more persons) for two days and Internet 
connectivity for the instructors and students. There is no need to set 
up any cloud infrastructure on-site, since it all lives in our own data 
center, which the students can reach over the Internet.

If you would be interested in attending such an event (either in the 
Midwest or the West Coast), don't forget you can still fill out the 
following survey, so we can notify you when we have more definite plans:


Borja Sotomayor
Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago

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